23. COMA!

Nandini:- How can things get disappeared when Nandini Dhawan is here? 

Cabir:- ( with narrowed eyes ) Did… Did you steal all the spare keys? 

Nandini:- ( dramatically ) Bhai, don’t put false accusations on me. I am not a thief. I just hide the keys for enjoyment. 

Cabir:- ( yelled ) What is enjoyment in this? 

Navya:- Cabir, leave that topic. 

Cabir:- Why will I leave it? Make her understand that she should stop doing such pranks for enjoyment. By the way, why do I always become the victim of her pranks? 

Nandini:- ( in her cool attitude ) Because aap LALLU ho. ( Because you are a FOOL. ) 

Cabir gasped hearing her while the two ladies can’t stop themselves from laughing at his expressions. 

Cabir:- ( hissed angrily ) HEADACHE, you can’t call me a fool. I am your elder brother. 

Nandini:- oh… Bhai, don’t be an emotional fool. You know I always had a thing to say TRUTH since childhood and I can’t change that habit of mine in this birth. 

Cabir:- Then take birth again and leave me for god’s sake. 

Nandini:- Not possible!… ( innocently ) At least think about our mom and dad. How will they bring me back to this earth? 

Pihu:- ( confusingly ) Bui, How will Dadu and Dadi bring you back to earth? They are not alive!…

Cabir rolls his eyes hearing the two monsters and slumped down on the bed, tiredly. 

Cabir:- That means I will get used to hearing the insult on my face.

Nandini:- I have a better option…

Cabir:- What? 

Nandini:- positively take all your insults and bring good changes in you.

Cabir:- ( Sarcastically ) Navya, did you hear what she said?………. I need changes, not her! 

Navya:- Cabir, stop fighting with her when you know you can’t win from her. 

Cabir:- ( murmurs ) Who can win from this LITTLE HEADACHE? ( to Nandini ) leave all that and simply tell me, why did you grace my eyes with your presence at this time?

Then, Nandini remembered that she came here to get her answers and with this realization, she cribbed like a toddler while calling her Bhabhi. 

Nandini:- Bhabhi… 

Navya:- What happened, Nandini? Everything alright? 

Cabir:- Wrong question, Navya. What would happen to her? ( while narrowing eyes seeing his innocent Sister ) Instead of this ask her, now, whose bones did she break? 

Navya:- Cabir, will you please shut your mouth? 

Cabir:- Arey… but, What I did…

He again opens his mouth to defend himself but shuts his mouth the next second seeing Navya’s big eyes. He is the CEO of Mystic music label but at home, all three ladies tarnish his CEO’s attitude the second he passes the doorsteps. But his miseries are bigger than this because of Nandini’s presence in the office who will not leave a chance to trouble him. 

Nandini:- Bhabhi, I need to talk to you alone. 

Saying this, she eyes her brother as a gesture for him to leave the room giving them privacy but he turns his eyes and doesn’t give in to her demand. 

Navya:- Cabir… 

Cabir:- ( stubbornly ) Navya, please don’t ask me to leave the room because I am not going to do that. She is my sister and I have every freaking right to know everything about her whether it’s a girls’ talk or anything else. 

Nandini troubles him a lot but one fact is that he loves her immensely. He is the one who bought her up from an early age. He is the one who handled her teenage days from her mood swings to her menstrual days. Don’t know whether he is a good husband or father but he is the best brother to her sister. 

Seeing Cabir’s stubbornness, Nandini knows that he won’t go out but she is adamant about not telling him about her unnamed feelings for Manik. Her Shy boy is working for Cabir and she didn’t want to cause him any trouble because of her feelings. 

Although she knows that Cabir is not the type of brother who will force his decision on her. But she can’t neglect the fact that he is damn protective of her and he always wants everything perfect for her. With this, she looks at her crime partner for help and Pihu understands her Bui’s unsaid words. 

Pihu:- ( murmurs ) Pihu… think… think… think… Bui needs your help…… Bui taught you so many pranks then found something from the list. ( after a pause ) Idea! 

She smirks devilishly and winks at her Bui, making her confused. 

Pihu:- ( in a depressed tone ) Dad, Bui will not say anything to you but I know what happened to her. 

Cabir:- ( impatiently ) Then say I am getting worried. 

Pihu:- ( stammers ) Dad… actually… Bui… woh… 

Navya:- ( getting irritated) Pihu, don’t act like a TV serial actress. Come on point, we are getting anxious. 

Cabir:- ( rolls his eyes ) She loves creating suspense like her Bui. 


Just a simple word “MARRIED” and Cabir lost consciousness. The poor soul is lying on the bed in an inappropriate position while Nandini gasps seeing her brother in COMA. His state is no less than any Coma patient who is lying on the bed lifelessly with a working heart. 

Nandini:- ( hissed angrily ) Pihu… I just wanted to push Bhai out of the room but you sent him to COMA. 

Otherside, Navya is also on the verge of joining her husband on the bed in the same state. She held her dizzy head and tried her level best to keep her eyes open. 

Navya:- Nandini, Are you really married? 

Seeing her state, Nandini immediately replied, bringing her back to normal. 

Nandini:- Bhabhi, I am a virgin so how can I be married?

Pihu:- ( frowning ) Bui, What is the relationship between a virgin and getting married? 

Nandini:- ( dreamily ) I always wanted to lose my virginity to my going-to-be husband before tying the knot.

Navya:- ( angrily ) Come back to the earth, Nandini. 

Nandini:- ( smiles sheepishly ) Oh… sorry, I just zoned out. But the conclusion is I AM NOT MARRIED. 

Navya:- ( instantly ) Really? 

Pihu:- Yes, it was a prank. 

Navya shoots daggers at her daughter who is looking down at the floor hiding her sheepish grin. With rage, she pulls Nandini and Pihu’s ears at the same time, making them wince in pain. 

Navya:- One day because of you both, I will go to jail for attempting two murders. And I don’t think that I need to tell you guys the names of the victims of my warmth. 

Nandini and Pihu both apologize while wincing in pain but Navya didn’t show any mercy to them. 

Nandini:- Bhabhi, please leave us. We are sorry. 

At last, Navya leaves them feeling pity for their red ears and pleadings. Both the girls rub their ears to soothe the pain and look at the Cabir whose condition is like before. 

Pihu:- Should I call the doctor for Dad? 

Navya:- ( sarcastically ) Aww… How sweet, Pihu! You cared for your father, I am pleased to know that. 

Nandini:- Bhabhi, I don’t think that Bhai needs a doctor as getting these types of shocks is not new for him. 

Navya:- ( with a lip-tight smile ) All credit goes to you… no? 

Nandini and Pihu both look down at the floor getting their scoldings like obedient students while Navya continues. 

Navya:- Now say what you want to say, Nandini?

Nandini:- Woh… Bhabhi… 

Getting back to her senses, she narrates everything to her Bhabhi in detail while Pihu also listens to her with full concentration. Her feelings for Manik, her possessiveness for him, and the way she got jealous when she saw him with any other girl. She puts her thoughts in front of them like an open book. 

Nandini:- And I am confused why I felt like that for him? I never felt those emotions before Shy boy entered my life. 

Navya understands that NANDINI HAS FALL IN LOVE WITH THAT BOY but is unaware of her feelings. Now, she knows what she has to do. But before that, she will analyze her feelings to make sure that it was not an infatuation because she doesn’t want her to go through heartbreak. Whereas Pihu also understood the misery of her Bui being a smart kid and palmed her face seeing Nandini’s stupidity.

Pihu:- ( complaints to the god while murmuring ) God, why did you make FOOLS fall in love when they didn’t even understand the first letter of it?  

Navya:- ( hiding her smirk ) Nandini, I understood your problem and according to me if I were there then, I would kill that person. 

Nandini:- ( agreeing with her ) Yaa, I am also feeling like murdering that Salesgirl. 

Navya:- I am talking about your boy.

Nandini:- What? Why will you kill MY SHY BOY?

Navya:- I mean to say, if I were in your place then I would kill Cabir for letting anyone touch himself when he is all mine. 

Nandini:- But MY SHY BOY is innocent. He doesn’t understand all those creepy tricks of girls. 

Nandini defends her shy boy making the two other ladies surprised and smile seeing the true feelings in her heart for that boy. 

Navya:- Your Shy boy… interesting! 

Nandini just hummed and looked at her Bhabhi with numerous questions in her mind while Pihu was enjoying the show without any soft drinks sitting on the armrest of the couch.  

Nandini:- ( hesitantly ) I want to confess something more…

To be continued…

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7 thoughts on “23. COMA!”

  1. Very funny and lovely update. I just love funny fighting between brother and sister and chote packet (pihu) is so smarter than nandini 😄

  2. Very funny and lovely update. I just love funny fighting between brother and sister and chote packet (pihu) is so smarter than nandini 😄.

  3. Loved….loved….loved…lovely update….but just feels like…the story is moving….very slow…..and sorry…if it hurts you as I loved all your MaNan stories ….and this is different compared to the other stories of yours….as it’s….of …very shy Manik….and crippy …sassy Nandini ….💜💜💜💜💜💜

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