Nan:- guys, please stop, you will kill him. Manik, please leave him for god’s sake. 

But her words went to deaf ears. She looks at Manik, frustratedly while her mother wraps a clean cloth around her cut which was bleeding and Nyonika calls the doctor for her dressing. 

After struggling a lot she comes out from her mother’s hold and pulls Manik back.

Nan:- ( scolding Manik ) are you mad or what? You would kill him. 

Ma:- ( in a rage ) yes, I am mad…….. How dare he try to harm you. I will kill him…. ( struggling in her hold to come out ) 

Nan:- it’s enough, Manik. You already tortured him a lot. ( trying to calm him ) And not him, you are hurting me. 

Hearing her Manik looks at their position to see more blood oozing out from her arms because of his struggles. He immediately stops his struggles and cups her cheeks worriedly. 

Ma:- ( authoritatively ) why did you come behind me, Nandini? Just go and sit there. 

Nandini closed her eyes irritatingly and said sarcastically. 

Nan:- ya…. And leave you here for murdering him. ( pointing Akshat ) 

Ma:- ( angrily ) Are you showing sympathy for this bast*rd? 

Nan:- ( rolling her eyes at his possessiveness ) from where does this sympathy come? 

Ma:- I am asking the same, from when did you start sympathizing with him? 

Nan:- ( irritatingly ) Manik!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ma:- ( imitating her ) Nandini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nan:- I know my name. You don’t have to shout it out loud to remind me. 

Ma:- then, I also know my name. 

Nan:- ( angrily ) Manik, have you completely lost it? 

Ma:- ( confusingly ) what? 


Seeing them fighting like a husband-wife, everyone looks at them with astonishment. 

Nyo:- ( with wide shocking eyes ) are they married? 

Raj:- ( with shocking eyes ) wrong question Nyo…… your question would be, How many months have they been married? 

Ram:- ( absent-minded ) they never told us this RAJ. 

These words grabbed Nyonika and Ishita’s attention. They look at their respective husbands with red eyes making them scared from the upcoming interrogation. 

Nyo:- ( asks Raj ) did you know about their relationship? 

Raj:- ( scaredly ) kind of. 

Nyo:- what did you mean by “kind of”? 

Raj:- kind of means kind of……

Ish:- ( asks Raman ) did you also know about them? 

Ram:- ( scaredly ) no… no… who are them? I don’t know them. ( dramatically ) are they in a relationship? I never knew! …….. Oh wow!! What a surprise! 

Hearing him, Raj looks at him surprisingly whereas Nyonika narrowed her eyes seeing his expressions. 

Raj:- Nyo…… he is lying. He knows everything about them. 

Ram:- ( sarcastically ) yaa…. I know everything about them from their honeymoon to their kids, right? 

Raj:- ( innocently ) see yourself Nyo, he knows more than me. I am innocent. 

Nyo:- ( with sharp eyes ) I know very well how innocent you are, Mr. Husband. I will see you in the bedroom. 

Raj:- ( blushingly ) ish…… you can’t talk about our bedroom secrets openly. It’s our very personal matter. 

Everyone palmed their faces hearing him. 

Ram:- after this you will not have any personal matters, I bet. 

Ish:- I will focus on you later, Raman. But now let me concentrate on ( sarcastically ) THE NEWLY MARRIED COUPLE. 

Raman gulps imagining the things from which she will focus on him and turns his gaze only to see the ongoing arguing session. 

Ma:- Nandini, stop your drama and go sit there. ( pointing to the couch ) 

Nan:- first you leave him…. ( pointing Akshat who is looking at them both confusingly ) and then shut your mouth and give peace to my ears. 

Manik made a bad face hearing her and opened his mouth to reply to her but the inspector interrupted them. 

Inspector:- ( to Manik ) sir, we are taking him with us ( holding Akshat ) and you need to come to the police station for some paperwork. 

Without waiting for Manik’s reply he moves towards the door but turns around after a few seconds and says looking at him. 

Inspector:- sir now, you can continue your fight with your wife. ( with a soft tone ) But as an experienced husband, I want to advise you that you should not fight with your wife. Just close your eyes and hear everything whatever she says because wife is always right. 

Saying this he left, making Manik and Nandini surprised. 

Nan:- aw….. How sweet! Manik, you should take his advice seriously. 

Ma:- advice, my foot! 

Nan:- ( rolling her eyes ) Manik, stop being ridiculous. 

Ma:- I am ridiculous….. Seriously? Your brother is ridiculous…… 

Hearing him, Cabir shouts from behind. 

Ca:- hey…… keep me away from your husband-wife fight. 

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) he knows that he is ridiculous that’s why he interrupted us. 

Everyone looks at the argument which is getting hotter and hotter with every passing second. 

Nan:- don’t say anything to him, Bhai. He won’t understand anything. ( to Manik ) I am fed up with you, Mr. Malhotra. 

Ma:- wow!….. You are fed up with me, now. Great!! 

Nan:- ( irritatingly ) ah….. I hate yo ……

Before she could complete her sentence, Manik reached near her in two long steps and placed his lips on her while cupping her face, aggressively. 

Behind them, Ishita slumped down on the chair with wide eyes seeing the kiss a second time. 

Whereas Nyonika falls back in shock but was caught by Raj before she could touch the floor. The rest are trying to analyze the situation. 

Ram:- ( asks Raj ) Malhotra’s have genes in their blood or kisses? 

Raj:- after seeing my son I can proudly say that we Malhotra’s have kisses in our genes. 

Ram:- ( while nodding his head in disbelief ) and we Murthy’s are going to have blood pressure because of Malhotras. 

Otherside, Manik leaves Nandini’s lips but couldn’t lose his hold on her waist and spoke while taking a deep breath. 

Ma:- say I HATE YOU again and I will punish your lips once again. 

Hearing him the girls go aww on their love whereas Raman made a bad face. 

Ram:- ( eyeing Manik ) this KISSING BOOTH will be the reason behind my death. 

To gain Manan’s attention, Raj coughs excitedly like a gentleman but this little effort went into the drain because they didn’t give him shit. Seeing no response from them Nyonika shouts a little louder to bring them back from their zone. 

Nyo:- oh…hello…. The passenger of KISS EXPRESS, you reached your destination. Now enlighten us about the whole scenario. 

Listening to her, Manik frowns whereas Nandini realizes the fact that they were not alone here. Both looked sideways still being in each other’s embrace and gasped seeing their family in front of them. Their mouths as well as their eyes were wide open when the realization hit me hard. 

Ma:- Nandini, are we at Malhotra Mansion? ( in a whisper ) please say No….. prove me wrong…. Please. 

Nan:- ( gulping her saliva ) Unfortunately we are at Malhotra residence. 

Listening to her answer, Manik’s eyes pop out. 

Ma:- please…. Say that, they are not my family……. 

Instead of Nandini, Nyonika replies. 

Nyo:- unfortunately we are your family, my sweet secretive son. 

Hearing her, Manik held his head which was roaming in a circular motion. The whole drama from his possessiveness to his aggression to his kiss comes in front of his eyes like a movie. 

He palms his mouth when the visuals of their kiss come running in his memory lane. 

Ram:- ( sarcastically ) now, why are you hiding your lips when we already saw what we are not supposed to see. 

Raj:- ( getting offended with his best friend’s statement ) you are not supposed to see but I have no problem with it. ( going all aww on MANAN’s chemistry ) They both are so synced, so hot and so cute. 

Nyonika rolls her eyes at his statement and ignores it because now her focus is only on her son.  

Nyo:- ( eyeing Manan ) what were you doing? 

Nandini got scared seeing Nyonika’s red eyes, that’s why she replied innocently. 

Nan:- smooching……. 

Manik palms his face hearing his innocent girlfriend. 

Ma:- Nandini, you were not supposed to say that in front of everyone. 

Raj:- wow!…. My daughter-in-law is not supposed to say that but you are supposed to do that in front of us. 

Ram:- and that too two times. 

Both the best friends nod giving support to each other. 

Ish:- my innocent daughter, we know what you were doing but we want to know why you were doing that? 

Listening to her question, Nandini pushes Manik a little ahead to answer her question who widens his eyes even more. 

Nan:- he will answer all questions. ( to Manik ) all the best, boyfriend. 

Ma:- ( while gritting his teeth ) you are pushing me in hell, Nandini. 

Nan:- don’t worry, I will pull you back again in heaven when everything gets sorted. 

Ma:- Is this the time to joke? 

Nan:- I am not joking. 

Nyo:- back to earth guys and answer my question in simple YES or NO, got it? 

Both nod, hearing her stern tone. 


Nandini looks at Manik who also looks at her while trying to hide his face from his mother. She asks him through her eyes what to do now and in reply, he nods slightly telling her to say the truth. 

The rest were waiting to hear their answer although they had an idea about it. 

On the other side, a man is angry as hell. 

Man:- how can he get arrested? 

His son:- dad, I am telling the truth. ( while gritting his teeth ) I already told you that Manik Malhotra is very smart. You can’t easily ditch him when it’s about his family.  

Man:- but HARSHAD……..

To be continued…

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