Ca:- ( angrily ) don’t you dare to reach near her. I will chop you into pieces. 

Akshat:- aw…. Anger is not good for your health, my brother. 

Ca:- don’t you dare to call me that. I am not your brother. 

Akshat:- ( apologetically ) oh… Sorry!……. Sorry!….. You are my BROTHER-IN-LAW, right? 

Ma:- ( in attitude ) in your dreams, man. 

Akshat:- ( with a smug smile ) in my dreams, he is the uncle of my kids. ( asks Nandini while trying to act cute ) Don’t he, Nandini? 

Instead of Nandini, Raman answers him sarcastically. 

Ram:- and in my dream, you are RIP. 

Akshat:- ( confusingly ) means?

Raj:- ( while smirking ) means……. rest in peace. 

Listening to this, Akshat laughs crazily, giving frowns to everyone. 

Nan:- ( whispers to Cabir ) Bhai, I think he is the upgraded version of Akshat Dhawan. 

Ca:- huh? 

Nan:- arey, look how he is laughing just like the witches in horror movies. Now he is an obsessed + mental lover of mine. So, he upgraded himself na….. 

She said as a matter of fact and looked at her brother who was keenly listening to her words. 

Ca:- ( proudly ) very good, princess. Your observing skills are also upgrading. 

Hearing their conversation Manik just wants to hide his face somewhere. 

Ma:- ( extra sweetly ) Nandini, for a time being please keep your observing skills aside, and Cabir, focus on him instead of encouraging your sister’s stupids thoughts.  

Nan:- ( with a bad face ) you are stupid, not me!

Manik ignored her completely and focused on Akshat. 

Akshat:- ( to Raj ) uff…. You are too good, friend-in-law.  

Raj:- what? 

Akshat:- ( with a duh face ) you are his friend ( pointing Raman ) and he is my in-law so you become a friend-in-law. Right? 

Manik rolls his eyes angrily and fists his hand. 

Ma:- stop your matrimonial relations here and leave my house right now. 

Akshat:- ( chuckles lightly ) stop kidding, Manik. We all know that I am here for Nandini and I will not go before taking her with me.  

He said while eyeing Nandini up to down in a lustful manner making her uncomfortable. 

This angers Manik more. Suddenly his eyes turned red in anger. He immediately comes in front of Nandini to shield her. While here Nandini mumms under her breath. 

Nan:- as if I will go with him. Huh! 

Manik moves close to Akshat and pushes him hard, making him stumble. 

Ma:- ( with bloodshot red eyes ) don’t you dare to look at her with those lustful eyes. I will pull out those eyes with my bare hands. 

Raj:- That is like my son….. Keep it up, my boy. 

Rest frowned seeing Manik’s anger. Nyonika and Ishita are trying to know the reason behind his sudden anger whereas Raj took a step to go near him for support but was stopped by Raman. 

Ram:- don’t!….. It’s their time to fight for their love. Let them fight for each other. This is the correct time for the revelation. 

Raj nods in understanding and changes his mood in a second.

Raj:- ok….. I will not interrupt the drama but, can I bring popcorn and a drink? 

Ram:- ( while gritting his teeth ) Tell me, are you a chameleon? 

Raj:- no…. Why did you ask? 

Ram:- because you changed your mood in a second like the chameleon changes its color. 

Raj:- that is called talent…. 

But Raman cuts him in half. 

Ram:- ( while shooting glares at him ) and you are lacking in that department. ( angrily ) By the way, this is a real drama, not some action thriller movie where you need popcorn to enjoy the show. 

Raj immediately shut his mouth for the very first time seeing his anger and focused on the live movie without popcorn. 

Here, Akshat’s anger too reached its peak. He grabbed Manik’s collar while Manik did the same. Seeing this Cabir walks towards them to support his buddy but is stopped by Nyonika who is watching the scene with keen interest. Somewhere she got the idea behind his sudden anger but still, she needs words or action to prove her thoughts right. 

Nyo:- ( sternly ) stop here, Cabir. Let him handle it. 

Listening to her stern tone, Cabir stopped in this track and gulped hard while praying to god to save his buddy from his mother. 

Ca:- all the best, Manik. You have to handle one more person after ( seeing Akshat ) this villain.

Everyone is silently watching the drama whereas some are shocked, some are confused or some are chilling like Raj Malhotra. 

Nandini too becomes angry seeing Manik in the clutches of Akshat. Although Manik has an upper hand in the fight still she can’t let anyone behave like this with him.

Akshat:- ( angrily ) how can you push me? How dare you!! 

Listening to his words, Nandini comes out from Manik’s back and pushes him hard while separating him and Manik. 

Nan:- ( while gritting her teeth ) this is how he pushed you!! Do you have any more doubts?…….. If you ever lay your finger on him then, I will break your bones. 

Everyone’s eyes popped out seeing their Nandini in this very rare avatar. She is literally giving a threat to someone although they are not complaining about it because Akshat deserves more than this. 

Whereas Manik goes in another direction. 

Ma:- ( complains ) hey, this is my line!!! 

Raj palmed his face in embarrassment seeing his son going on a different tangent. 

Raj:- ( sarcastically ) Mr. Malhotra, we will copyright her statement after this fiasco so till then focus on the main villain. 

Manik royally ignores him and looks forward only to witness Akshat who caught Nandini in his arms while she is struggling to come out. Now, there is no end to his anger. He marched towards him in extreme anger and landed a straight punch on his left jaw while pulling his lady in his arms safely. 

As soon as Akshat receives the punch he falls down and everything goes black for him. Whereas the gents’ cheers for Manik. 

Ma:- ( in worry ) are you ok, Nandini? 

Raj:- ( whispers to Raman ) now it’s the time for some romance after the fight between the hero and the villain before the climax scene. 

Raman looks at him with a poker face and turns around the next second giving a damn to him. 

Nan:- I am fine, Manik. 

Hearing her answer Manik relaxes a bit but still, the worry can easily be read out from his eyes. He pulls her closer and checks her arms from up and down where Akshat puts his hands on. 

After satisfying himself that she is not harmed by him, he takes a deep breath to calm his nerves but the next second looks at her with anger. 

Seeing his changing expressions Raman murmurs under his breath. 

Ram:- both the father and son behave like a chameleon. One second they were angry but the next second they became worried. They have mood swings more than a pregnant lady. 

Ma:- ( to Nandini ) why did you come in between? Don’t you have a brain? 

Ram:- ( whispers in Raj’s ear ) now see how your romantic movie will turn into a tragic love story. 

Raj:- ( while smirking ) don’t underestimate the romantic power of Malhotras. We can do anything anytime. 

Nan:- arey, I come to save you. 

Ma:- save me….. Wow, joke of the day!…….. Don’t you know that he is here to harm you, not me? 

Till now, they forgot where they were standing. They don’t know how many curious gazes are watching their every move. 

Nan:- I know, but I can’t let anyone just harm you in front of my eyes. I am concerned about you. 

Ma:- Nandini…… ( cuted by Nandini ) 

Nan:- ( angrily ) no hear me out first…….. Tell me, what are you doing here? Why are you protecting me from him? 

Everyone is astonished seeing her guts to shut Manik Malhotra’s mouth which is next to impossible but this little girl just did that in a blink.

Next Manik’s answer is beyond anyone’s expectation who shouted in high pitch. They both were angry with each other. His voice echoed in the whole mansion which is silent for some unknown reasons. 



 These words are already too much for their family to handle but Nandini’s next words poured the cold water on their fresh wounds. 


All these are too new for the ladies to handle. They are processing their words and at the same time pinching themselves to make sure that this is not a dream. 

Muk:- all this is happening in reality? 

Alya:- don’t know! But they look so cute together. 

Hearing the confession, Akshat becomes furious at Nandini. He grabs her arms and pulls her closer while his nails are piercing her soft milky skin. 

Akshat:- ( like an obsessed lover ) you are mine, Nandini….. You can’t love anyone except me. Say that you love me…. Say….. ( angrily ) say…. 

Nan:- ( struggling in his hold ) ahh…. Leave me, Akshat. You are hurting me. 

Listening to her painful squeal Manik pulls her back and takes her in a side hug. 

Ma:- ( angrily ) get out, Akshat, and stop calling her as yours because SHE IS MINE! ONLY MINE! 

Akshat:- you are lying…. I know.

Saying this he again tries to come close to her. Seeing his stubbornness Manik rolls his eyes angrily and grabs Nandini’s waist possessively while turning her around to face her. 

As soon as Nandini’s eyes land on his face, he tilts his face while cupping her both cheeks and places his lips on hers, sealing everyone’s mouths. 

To be continued…

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