Nan:- I LOVE SOMEONE ELSE, BHAI……. ( While crying ) Bhai… I LOVE SOMEONE, I love him a lot. I don’t want to give rights to anyone except him. I could not even think about anyone except him. I don’t know how Aryaman got feelings for me but I don’t feel anything for him. Trust me… Bhai …

This statement makes Abhimanyu stiff in his place. He kneeled in front of her and held her hands.

Abhi:- ( sweetly ) then, Why are you crying? Loving someone is not a crime, Nandini.

Saying this he wipes her tears and places a sweet kiss on her forehead with all brotherly love.

Nan:- ( trying to Stop her tears ) you are not angry with me?

Abhi:- ( teasingly ) Should I have to be angry?

First Nandini nods her head positively then immediately moves her head in the right-left direction as if saying no.

Abhi giggles seeing her cute antics. He cubed her both cheeks and spoke lovingly. 

Abhi:- trust me, there is nothing wrong with loving someone only if the same person reciprocates your feelings. ( after a brief pause ) Does he love you too?

Nandini immediately replied with a blushy smile making him giggle.

Nan:- yes, he loves me too. In fact, he loves me more than I love him.

Abhi:- if it is so then, why did you cry?

Nan:- ( cutely ) I thought that you would get angry.

Abhi:- ( confusingly ) I will get angry but why?

Nan:- because I said no to this alliance. 

Abhimanyu nods his head in disbelief hearing her. 

Abhi:- ( while making a bad face ) saying this you proved that you are also a sister of that idiotic Cabir.

Nandini pouted seeing him comparing her with Cabir.

Abhi:- how many times have I told you that your happiness is what I want. Then, why do I get angry when I know that you can’t be happy with him. Why do you forget that you are my priority and Aryaman is not even close to my priority list?

Nandini feels guilty for thinking like this. She holds her both ears and cutely asks for an apology from him. Abhi looks at her and glares at her for blackmailing him with cute expressions.

Abhi:- fine…… But I want to meet that guy.

Nan:- but…

Abhi cut her in the middle. 

Abhi:- no but – wat ….. I trust you Nandini but I can’t trust anyone when it comes to you. I am too selfish for your happiness.

Nandini looks into his eyes and finds only love and concern for herself.

Nan:- ok, I will talk to him.

Abhi:- ( authoritatively ) and I want to meet him right now.

Nan:- ( shocked ) right now?

Abhi:- yup! Call him and tell him to meet us within half an hour. 

Nandini gulps knowing that Manik is going to have a heart attack because waking up early is not his cup of tea.

Abhi:- you call him and fix our meeting. Till then I will go down and tell everyone your decision.

Nandini nods her head and makes a call to Manik after locking the door. She sat on the bed comfortably and took a deep breath before giving her boyfriend a shock.

In the Malhotra mansion, everyone is doing their assigned work but there is only one Malhotra who is sleeping peacefully now. And that Malhotra is none other than Manik Malhotra. 

Nyo:- Alia …. Please go and wake your brother.

Before Alia could say anything Raj stood up instantly and went towards Manik’s room to wake him up. How can he leave this golden opportunity to irritate him?

Alia:- Maa, I think something is going on between these two. ( pointing at Raj and Manik Malhotra ) 

Although she said that casually, Nyonika took this statement in different terms. 

Nyo:- shut up !! Focus on your wedding and keep some distance from Cabir, he is spoiling everyone.

On the other hand, Raj is trying to wake Manik but all his efforts are going in vain. His son is royally ignoring his presence and is busy with his beauty sleep. Soon Manik’s phone rings, making him groan in sleep and gaining Raj’s attention. 

Ma:- ( in a morning horse tone ) dad, please see whose call is this?

Raj obediently took his cell phone in his hand and loudly read the name unknowingly. “JAAN “. 

Listening to her name, Manik’s sleep flew out of the window in a blink. He immediately sat up on the bed and snatched the phone from Raj’s hand, making him shocked. He gasped seeing his actions and speed.

Raj:- ( murmurs ) I am waking him up for the last 15 minutes by standing here personally but he didn’t give me any acknowledgement. Now just by Nandini’s call, he is blooming like a flower. Tch….. Hypocrite ….( While making a bad face ) hippopotamus.


Nan:- ( plainly ) good morning.

Manik frowned hearing her not-so-usual tone whereas Raj is staring at him for his cheesy pickup line.

Raj:- ( while making a bad face ) No ….. Good morning to me. ( While looking upwards and doing the typical movie step ) MAA KA LADLA BIGAD GAYA . 

Ma:- What happened, Nandini you are sounding depressed? Is there something which I have to know?

This gets Raj’s attention which makes him lean towards the same ear where Manik kept the phone. He shoots daggers at his father for eavesdropping on his talks. He tries to push him back but Raj leaned again making a cute pout. For a moment he let him go and focused on his Nandini.

Nan:- ( hesitantly ) woh……. Bhai wants to meet you.

Ma:- ( confused ) So, What is the problem with it?

Nandini takes a deep breath before blasting a bomb on his head.

Nan:- Abhi Bhai wants to meet my boyfriend. I told him that I love someone and now he wants to meet you.

Ma:- WHAT???

Manik shouts not because he doesn’t want to tell anyone about themselves but because he is scared of Nandini’s brother who is over-possessive for her. He is really scared of meeting her family for their relationship knowing the fact that they become overprotective when it comes to NANDINI MURTHY.

Here, Raj dances imagining Manik’s state after meeting Abhimanyu. He squeals like a girl but in silent mode.

Ma:- ( scaredly ) Nandini, What if he doesn’t like me?

This makes Raj laugh but he puts both of his hands on his mouth to muffle his laughter. His laughter is irritating Manik a lot but he is helpless right now. 

Nan:- Why are you imitating the girls’ line?

Ma:- ( pouting like a baby ) I know but for now, this line suits my situation.

At this time Raj found him so adorable that unknowingly he pecked his cheek making him furious.

Ma:- ( whisper to him ) what the hell!!! What are you trying to do??

Raj:- just want to tell you how cute you look when you pout.

Ma:- not needed, I have the one who would do that. ( to Nandini ) tell me one thing Nandini ( After pausing ) What made you say about you having a boyfriend? ( with raised eyebrows ) I know you better than others.

Before saying the reason Nandini prayed for Aryaman’s safety exactly knowing the consequences.

Raj too ponders on the same question and the curiosity in him arises to know the reason behind it. He snatches the phone from Manik’s hand and puts it in speaker mode. 

Manik gasps at his actions and tries to take his phone back but Raj moves back and gives him a “BAAP HAI HUM AAPKE” look while smirking. ( ” I am your father ” look )

Nan:- ( with crossed fingers ) woh….. Today, Aryaman confessed his love for me and asked for my hand for a wedding from dad. ( after a slight pause ) Bhai came to me to talk about this topic and I told him that I had someone in my life.

Nandini carefully chooses her words and gives him the summary of the event. Her words slowly – slowly got registered in his mind. As her words registered, his anger raised with triple speed. He could not digest the fact that someone asks her hand for the wedding. 

Raj is too angry about this. Everyone knows that he loves Nandini and treats her like his second daughter but doesn’t know why Aryaman and Nandini thoughts did not go well with him.

Ma:- ( while standing up in extreme anger ) how dare he lays his eyes on MY GIRL? I won’t leave him.

Nan:- Manik, clams down. It’s not his fault. No one has any control over their feelings, let it go. For now, just focus on the meeting. You have only 30 minutes to get ready and reach the venue.

Nandini’s calm tone minimizes his anger but he is determined to punish Aryaman for keeping his eyes on his girl. Whereas Raj is surprised that just her voice makes him calm. Being a Malhotra he knows that it’s not easy to calm down the anger of Malhotra’s man. But he smiles after knowing the fact that indeed they are SOULMATES.

After cutting the call Manik immediately runs inside the washroom to take a bath. Raj is helping him in whatever ways he could. He takes out the new pair of clothes for him because it’s indeed a special day for him.

Soon Manik comes out with a towel around his waist and Raj passes him his clothes. 

Manik immediately fits himself inside his clothes and walks towards a mirror and starts setting his hair in the famous Manik Malhotra style.

Raj:- ( confusingly ) Manik, should I call an ambulance or a wedding dress designer?

Ma:- ( raising his eyebrows ) Why?

Raj:- ( happily ) if Abhi said yes to your relationship then I will immediately call the designer and place an order for your wedding dress.

Ma:- ( gives him an irritated look and rolls his eyes ) and why ambulance? Although I already have the hint for it.

Raj:- What if Abhi gets angry and he will beat you like hell? Then you need an ambulance to reach the hospital because at that time you are not going to be in a state to drive your car. ( Giving mischievously looks )

To be continued………….

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